I want to start off by saying thank you for visiting my blog page! The reason why I wanted to start this blog is because I love helping people and I want to share my experiences and thoughts with everyone. I have battled anxiety almost my whole life. Due to anxiety, I have also battled depression. Through my experiences, I am finding out that there are so many people going through the same issues as me. I have hit rock bottom, I got help and now I am a better person for what I went through. Anxiety is not something that just goes away forever. I have learned how to cope with it and live a healthy, happy & fulfilling life! This will be the main topic of my blog but I will also talk about things I am passionate about. Decorating, real estate, cooking, healthy eating, running, yoga, fashion and my adorable sidekick BENJI! My goal here is to bring light to such a big issue affecting people on a daily basis while sharing with you my journey to happiness. Let your soul shine!